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Queerphonie March 18 Show

Experimental Gay Ambient, Deconstructed Queer pop, Bi-sexual Noise, Lesbian Low-fi-Tape loops.....
Queerphonie - category busting - 2 hour non stop mix on Monday 10PM (UK)

1. Calibre - Break That
2. Lara Sarkissian feat Margenrot-gnum_gnowm - going
3. Claudia Anderson- H-1
4. Lena Platanos - Το Παιδί Της Παραμονής (child of the eve)
5. Felicity Mangan - Stereofrogic
6. Caterina Barbieri - Rendering Intuition
7. Mary Lattimore-  never saw him again (julianna_barwick_remix)
8. Lucy Railton- the critical rush
9. Rian Treanor - ATAXIA_D1
10. Acidliner - Red-1 - 01 Red Pt. 2
11. Rrose - Cricoid Pressure
12. Caretaker - Confusion So Thick You Forget Forgetting

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